Reasons That You Shouldn't Drink After Submitting A Job Application

4 April 2018
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The process of putting together a resume and cover letter can be arduous, especially if these are tasks that you don't particularly find easy. Once your staffing agency has submitted your application to an employer, you'll feel a step away from getting hired, and this could prompt you to go out and celebrate with friends. Drinking alcohol as a means of celebrating is nothing new, but it's not a tactic that you should use in this situation. Here are three reasons that you shouldn't drink, especially excessively, after you submit a job application.

You Could Get A Quick Interview Call

Perhaps you've sent the application off around noon, and then decided to visit a local pub to throw back some drinks to celebrate. What you might not realize, however, is that if the employer needs a candidate immediately, he or she could already be evaluating your resume while you sit in the pub. In many cases, an employer will call you for an interview right away, and there's often a potential of the employer asking if you can drop by later that day. If you've consumed alcohol, you definitely won't want to go to a same-day interview, and this might result in another candidate sitting across from the hiring manager before you.

You Might Not Look Your Best

Even if you're able to get an interview the following morning, you might not look your best. If you drank excessively, your eyes could be slightly bloodshot, and you could seem tired. These are two attributes that definitely won't ingratiate yourself to the hiring manager, even if he or she is interested in your credentials. You're always better off staying away from alcohol so that you can attend the interview in a well-rested manner and appear bright and alert.

A Worst-Case Situation Could Sink Your Job Prospects

Ideally, you'll know not to drive if you've been drinking. However, many people make this mistake every day, even if they're only making the mistake for the first time. Such a situation could be highly detrimental. For example, if you were to get arrested for driving under the influence, you may temporarily lose your license and this could impede your ability to get to the interview, much less perform your job in certain instances. Additionally, going through such an ordeal can leave you frazzled and distracted, which are attributes that you don't want to convey if you get an interview.

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