How To Tune Into Your Spiritual Self

14 March 2023
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It's possible to tap into your spiritual self, even if you don't consider yourself a religious person. Spiritual growth is not about religion — it's about developing an awareness of the interconnectedness between all things and finding a deeper truth within yourself that can help you lead a more meaningful life.

Here are some tips for how to open yourself up to spiritual growth and become more in tune with your spiritual self.

Focus on Intentional Living

In intentional living, you practice awareness and deliberate thought to open yourself up to spiritual growth. This can be done through engaging in activities that foster a sense of peace and well-being, such as meditation or journaling. 

Intentional living also involves being mindful of your choices throughout your day-to-day life and recognizing the impact these choices have on yourself and others. This becomes especially important when it comes to spirituality since choices and actions often shape the spiritual journey.

Opening yourself up to spiritual growth requires patience and self-discovery, but practicing intentional living can help make this journey easier. This approach forces you to take inventory of your thoughts and beliefs and encourages you to look within yourself for answers instead of searching outside of yourself for validation. 

It enables you to better understand who you are as an individual, which is essential for you to become more connected with your spiritual self.

Furthermore, living intentionally can also teach you the importance of self-care and respect for the highest good of all. 

When you practice intentions that honor the needs of yourself and others before your own wants, you learn how to recognize the differences between selfishness and selflessness. This recognition helps you stay attuned to what truly matters most spiritually, further contributing to deeper spiritual growth and understanding.

Take Time for Reflection

Taking time for reflection can be beneficial in helping to open yourself up to spiritual growth. 

Reflection allows you to reflect on the events and experiences of your life and consider how these moments have impacted your spiritual journey. You should take time out of each day, or even a week, dedicated to self-reflection — it can help you gain clarity on your life experiences, allowing for more holistic spiritual growth.

When you reflect, it's important to look at your life from a place of non-judgment. Ask yourself questions that can help you gain clarity and understanding. What have you learned about yourself this past week? What did you learn from a particular situation or experience? How can you use this knowledge to become more spiritually aware?

Practicing self-reflection can be difficult, especially if you don't feel comfortable with your spiritual growth. However, you need to confront your spiritual self and come to terms with any issues or challenges that may arise.