Lessons You'll Learn With An ADHD Life Coach

12 December 2022
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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects about 4.2% of the American female population with many more undiagnosed. ADHD causes stress, insecurity, and pervasive negative thoughts throughout the day, making it harder for these women to complete their responsibilities for the day. Many psychiatrists automatically offer to prescribe medication, but ADHD medication has noticeable side effects. Many female ADHD patients choose to go a holistic route instead by hiring a life coach that specializes in ADHD treatment. Learn more about how an ADHD coach can help you. 

ADHD Knowledge

Many people have misconceptions about ADHD and ADHD medication. Patients with ADHD may make decisions based on these misconceptions, inadvertently hindering their own progress.

An ADHD coach can dispel the myths, teach you about your condition, and provide you with effective techniques to get your brain back on track.


One symptom of ADHD is racing thoughts. The racing thoughts make it difficult to stay organized. While in the middle of one task, you may suddenly remember something seemingly more urgent. You will then bring the items in your hand with you to the location of your next task and leave them on a nearby surface until you can get back to it. By the time you are ready to go back to your first task, you've misplaced the items. It causes stress, and it lowers your productivity. 

An ADHD coach will help you organize your home and your office. The coach will also work with you to slowly train your brain to perform one task at a time and remain mindful when placing things down. 


Many women with ADHD experience insecurity. The anxiety associated with the racing thoughts and stress causes the woman to feel down on herself. It can hinder professional interactions and social interactions until it becomes a vicious cycle of insecurity causing more insecurity. 

An ADHD coach will encourage self-love through positive affirmations, positive relationships, and self-forgiveness. 

Time Management 

ADHD will claim a person's mind until something captures their attention five minutes after their appointment. Tardiness will make others think you don't care about the meeting. Furthermore, it's a bad way to start a conversation with someone. 

An ADHD coach will help you stick to a schedule. You can start by using alarms as reminders for time-sensitive appointments. You can also write your schedule somewhere easy to see. If you do find yourself late as you continue to work on yourself, your coach can give you tools on how to handle the situation with communication, humor, and grace. 

Don't cope with your ADHD alone. Get a coach to help you, and you'll see the results you've been looking for.  

For more info, contact a local ADHD coach