3 Signs You Need Help for Your Cocaine Habit

7 August 2017
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With nearly 40 million Americans admitting they have used cocaine, you are certainly not alone in your cocaine habit. Cocaine abuse often begins recreationally, with casual use at parties or on the weekends. Because cocaine rewards the "feel-good" part of your brain, giving you a rush of euphoria and energy, and because the amount of cocaine required to continue getting this feeling increases with use, it is very easy for a casual cocaine habit to quickly turn into a serious addiction. Here are three warning signs you need professional assistance:

You've Stopped Caring About Other Things

As cocaine takes over your life, it is normal to care less and less about aspects of your life that aren't related to cocaine. You may find yourself growing apathetic toward your family, friends, career, and former hobbies and passions. This doesn't make you a bad parent, romantic partner, employee, or friend. It is actually a normal consequence of your brain chemistry, which now needs the extreme dopamine high from cocaine and no longer receives pleasure from natural sources.

Luckily, after you receive treatment, you will once again be able to experience deep joy, fun, and happiness from natural, healthy sources instead of a drug.

Your Habit Is Growing

Where you were once able to keep your cocaine habit to an occasional occurrence,  your use has been gradually increasing. You are doing cocaine more often, and spending too much money on it. You may find yourself thinking about cocaine whenever you don't have access to it. This growing habit will have a negative impact on nearly every aspect of your life if you don't seek help soon. 

Your Personality Is Changing

While cocaine can make you feel more sociable and happy at first, with increasing use, it changes your personality in unpleasant ways. Your loved ones may be hurt and confused to find that you have become aggressive, hostile, and quick to anger, even when you are not on cocaine. Professional treatment can help your body and brain chemistry heal, so you feel like your old self again.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it is time to seek help. Residential drug treatment is often the most effective way to move past a cocaine addiction. You will be in a supportive, healthy, comfortable environment where any withdrawal or craving symptoms can be carefully managed. You will also have access to counseling to help you process and heal from any life events or underlying issues contributing to your addiction.

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